Additional Reading

Nepal Demo­graphic and Health Survey 2016, USAID, New Era, GoN Min­istry of Health and Pop­u­la­tion (MoHP): Key find­ings, full report

Nepal National Micronu­tri­ent Status Survey Report 2016, GoN-MoHP, USAID, CDC, EU, New Era & UNICEF: Full report

Nepal Mul­ti­ple Indi­ca­tor Cluster Survey Final Report 2014, GoN-NPC, UNICEF: Full report

A variety of guide­lines, manuals and flipcharts related to mater­nal, infant and young child nutri­tion (MIYCN), inte­grated man­age­ment of acute mal­nu­tri­tion (IMAM), breast­feed­ing and other nutri­tion issues in Nepal, pro­duced by the Child Health Divi­sion, MoHP, GoN.

Details about current national nutri­tion plans, pro­grammes and policy.

Nepal Report 2015 and Nepal Report Card 2015,World Breast­feed­ing Trends Ini­tia­tive: Full report

Child Nutri­tion & Health – 4th edition, Dr. Ramesh Adhikari and Miriam Krantz, 2013, Edu­ca­tion Pub­lish­ing House, avail­able to buy from NPCS office.

Chil­dren, Food and Nutri­tion, 2019, UNICEF-State of the World’s Chil­dren report.

A series of ground break­ing research into modern child feeding prac­tices in Nepal can be found at Assess­ment & Research on Child Feeding (ARCH), Helen Keller International

Non Com­mu­ni­ca­ble Disease Risk Factors: STEPS survey Nepal 2019, GoN-Nepal Health Research Council, WHO: Fact sheet 1, fact sheet 2

Food Com­po­si­tion Table for Nepal, 2012, GoN-DFTQC

The Lancet Series on Mater­nal and Child Nutri­tion, 2013

Global Health Media: an organ­i­sa­tion that makes a series of videos on newborn and child nutri­tion and care for train­ing both health­work­ers and com­mu­nity members.  The videos are avail­able in mul­ti­ple lan­guage ver­sions includ­ing Nepali.

Nutri­tion for Devel­op­ing Coun­tries, 3rd edition, Felic­ity Savage King et al, 2015, Oxford Medical Pub­li­ca­tions; avail­able to buy from
Health Books International