Vision, mission & values

The heart behind our work

Vision —

The formation of well-nourished
societies throughout Nepal, free of nutrition problems and disorders.

Mission —

To improve the nutritional status of children and women through positive change in nutritional behaviour.

Values —

We value and respect all people, regardless of gender, ethnicity, caste, status, religion or wealth.

We are truthful in all our dealings, responsible for fulfilling our duties and honest in all handling of goods and finances.

We believe in empowering people to participate in decision-making and improve their own lives.

Care for the vulnerable:
We give special priority to those who are marginalized and vulnerable, including women, children, and people living in poverty.

Cultural sensitivity: 
We seek to live and work in ways that are sensitive and respectful to the rich cultural diversity in Nepal, recognising the wide variety of customs and traditions in the communities we work with.

Environmental responsibility:
We value the protection and conservation of our natural environment, recognizing that all humans, animals and plants live in an intricate dependency upon each other.

Political neutrality:
We work alongside and support government activities, but don’t have any political affiliations.

Code of Conduct —

NPCS has a comprehensive child safeguarding policy for the protection of children and vulnerable adults associated with its work, and for the support of a safe and supportive working environment for all staff.  Please find our safeguarding code of conduct here.

In the case of any safeguarding concerns, please email NPCS to request contact information for our safeguarding officer.