About Us

enriching the lives of Nepalis through better nutrition

Nutrition Promotion and Consultancy Service (NPCS) is a national-level Nepali not-for-profit organisation that works to improve the wellbeing of women and children in Nepal through good nutrition. Based in Kathmandu, we work directly with communities across Nepal to reduce malnutrition and raise awareness about healthy eating. Through education and a food-based approach, we empower individuals to improve their own wellbeing and create long-term change. Our vision is to see all people in Nepal living in well-nourished and thriving communities.

NPCS is registered with Lalitpur District Administration Office.

NPCS is affiliated with the Nepal Government’s Social Welfare Council and complies with government rules and legislation for non-governmental organisations.

How we work

Community-level projects

We work directly with target communities across Nepal to improve nutrition through education and support. The first 1000 days of a child’s life – from conception to toddler years – are vital for laying the foundation of a healthy life. That is why we focus on the health of mothers and children, living and working with communities over several years to see long-term change.

Our goal is to see people using knowledge to change their own behaviour. Through education, public events and our food-based approach, we promote good nutrition by helping people understand basic nutrition concepts, encouraging a healthy diet of locally available food, and explaining how to prevent and manage malnutrition.

We carry out regular growth monitoring for young children and follow-ups for malnourished kids. We provide support and specialised counselling for pregnant women and new mothers about how to stay healthy and keep their baby well-nourished. And to safeguard long-term change, we train local groups and empower leaders to continue promoting good nutrition in the community.

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Nutrition Training

We provide training for staff of health and development organisations to improve their ability to conduct community-level nutrition activities. Our training uses NPCS’s food-based approach to good nutrition and is tailored to suit the needs of participants.

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Publishing nutrition resources

We publish and distribute health and nutrition resources in Nepali language which are used throughout the country. Our publications include posters, flipcharts, pamphlets, books and reports.

Research and advocacy

During our projects, we conduct research to better understand nutrition issues in Nepali communities. At a national level, we contribute our expertise to government nutrition policies and strategies. NPCS is a board member of Civil Society Alliance for Nutrition Nepal and Nepal Nutrition Foundation.

Consultancy services

We provide consultancy services to review the work of health and development organisations in Nepal. Our consultancy provides practical recommendations for how organisations can improve and develop their work to increase the reach of good nutrition.

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We believe in —

  • Eating healthy, locally grown food that makes our bodies strong and healthy
  • Kids growing up well-nourished with lots of energy to learn and play
  • Keeping āmā (mothers) and baccā (babies) healthy during and after pregnancy
  • Encouraging people to grow their own food and cook healthy meals at home
  • Enjoying a balanced diet of delicious and nutritious food
  • Empowering each person to make their own decisions and improve their life
  • Encouraging people to share what they learn with their families and communities

“Showing care and compassion for each person and giving them the ability to improve their own life is at the heart of community-wide change.”

— Roshani Shrestha,
NPCS Executive Director