Nutrition for Urban Communities (Kathmandu)



During the 1990’s, Nepal suf­fered a civil war which dis­placed many rural com­mu­ni­ties. Large infor­mal set­tle­ments devel­oped in Kath­mandu as migrants fled from rural areas search­ing for safety and employment.

Fam­i­lies living in these set­tle­ments often face sig­nif­i­cant eco­nomic hard­ship and are vul­ner­a­ble to malnutrition.

Since 2008, NPCS has been engaged in a long-term project to improve the health and nutri­tion of the women and chil­dren living in these slums. The project ini­tially focused on 700 house­holds of Ballku slum and has expanded to reach five other communities:

  • Sanka­mul (Kath­mandu)
  • Lal­it­pur Ward 22 (Lal­it­pur)
  • Sina­man­gal (Kath­mandu)
  • Bhan­sighat (Kath­mandu)
  • Manohara (Bhak­ta­pur)

The project is funded by dona­tions received through the Advance Fund admin­is­tered by United Methodist Church, USA.


Project activ­i­ties

We work with fam­i­lies in these urban areas to help them make good choices for their children’s health and nutrition.

Our activ­i­ties include:

  • com­mu­nity exhibitions
  • regular weigh­ing ses­sions for children
  • train­ing for com­mu­nity leaders
  • nutri­tion ses­sions for women’s groups
  • con­tri­bu­tion nutri­tion edu­ca­tion to adult reading classes and youth groups
  • home visits for preg­nant and newly-deliv­ered women, and chil­dren who are not growing well

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