Nutrition for Urban Communities (Kathmandu)



During the 1990’s, Nepal suffered a civil war which displaced many rural communities. Large informal settlements developed in Kathmandu as migrants fled from rural areas searching for safety and employment.

Families living in these settlements often face significant economic hardship and are vulnerable to malnutrition.

Since 2008, NPCS has been engaged in a long-term project to improve the health and nutrition of the women and children living in these slums. The project initially focused on 700 households of Ballku slum and has expanded to reach five other communities:

  • Sankamul (Kathmandu)
  • Lalitpur Ward 22 (Lalitpur)
  • Sinamangal (Kathmandu)
  • Bhansighat (Kathmandu)
  • Manohara (Bhaktapur)

The project is funded by donations received through the Advance Fund administered by United Methodist Church, USA.


Project activities

We work with families in these urban areas to help them make good choices for their children’s health and nutrition.

Our activities include:

  • community exhibitions
  • regular weighing sessions for children
  • training for community leaders
  • nutrition sessions for women’s groups
  • contribution nutrition education to adult reading classes and youth groups
  • home visits for pregnant and newly-delivered women, and children who are not growing well

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